Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2 Katies Dreams come true

After a much to short sleep we woke the children so we could get read for our big first day at Disney world, we have chosen Magical Kingdom as the first park we are going to visit.
after a amazing Breakfast at the Gingerbread house,

We headed back to the condo to get ready for the day, I snapped these pictures of the condo, car and the cute letter box

Disney world was about 20 minutes drive from GKTW, and this time we had a good navigator (me heheheh)so we didn't get lost :O)

Magic Kingdom is beautiful, and what every child thinks of as Disney,

The kids has a great time on some of the rides, Katie, Locky and I braved the water log ride, Katie clung to me the whole ride and we got completely soaked with water.......oh well cooled us off for a day in the hot florida sun!

Katie started to feel a little unwell, I think it was likey jetlag, but she did start to look a bit poorly, so she spent much of the day riding in the Disney stroller we hired.

We had a action pack day at Disney but the day was not over, Make a wish had booked our whole family for a Dinner in Cinderella's Castle.
(check out part 2 of Day 2 for those details)

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