Monday, December 6, 2010

32 weeks!`

Well I have hit 32 weeks and boy is my belly growing here are the latest belly pictures for anyone who is still following my very neglected blog

So much is going on here with school finishing this week for the summer and christmas just weeks away. As yet we haven't really got into baby mode but I am sure that once christmas is over I will be full baby swing. I have started to pack my bag for the big event........SO at least I have started to get into baby mode. We have even decided on a Girls name we both like and just incase those scans are wrong we have a boys name picked out. I've been well, just had a little scare but after a few hours in hospital it was established that it was likely just a torn muscle causing all the pain I was getting which was a huge relief. So we are looking forward to the next 7 odd we prepare for this precious blessing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

22 weeks and Counting

MY first Belly shot.
This shot was taken this week in my 22nd week of pregnancy......boy time is flying by, only 18 weeks to go and that sure doesn't seem like enough time to be ready for this darling little miracle.

We also had the tour of hospital this week, and all was going well until we hit the birthing suites and they had 2 women in labour, I felt sick LOL........the nerves started and I just haven't seem to shake them since. It’s silly really they were not screaming and the doors to the birth suits closed, they were just making the noises that you presume one would make in the throes of labour and normally I would think those sounds where amazing, a beautiful labour song.........but right now they just make me nervous.........I guess that is normal.

I love the Hospital, and the birth suits looked amazing, with everything you can imagine you would need in Labour. The Hospital is very different to most around with its promotion of natural labour; VBAC's and water labour and birth. The OB's are extremely hands off, and Midwifes highly skilled. Women travel interstate and from overseas to delivery at the hospital.

They showed us the NICU, and step down just incase any of us had babies requiring that care and although I have seen the inside of a NICU and PICU way to many times while parenting our other miracles it’s still confronting to see it and know that it’s a reality some babies and families face. The only thing that my DH and I commented on as a negative is how quiet the place was......boy will our 6 children challenge that on visits LOL.

I also had the amazing pleasure of meeting my Doula this week........her name is Belinda and we just hit it off, she doesn't seem to think all my fears (from my first birth) are crazy so she is a keeper for sure. Then along with my amazing friend Christy (aka chief photographer of the birth and beyond) and of course my rock my DH Tony my birth support team is complete. Belinda and I will build a relationship up over the next 18 weeks as she visits us. I am pretty sure she will be an amazing support and she has had her own children at the same hospital which is also a huge bonus.

Pregnancy wise I am doing great, I am really enjoying the second trimester the baby is kicking so much now that some days I don't think she sleeps at all...........OHHH that’s right I haven't shared here that the 19 week scan went okay although we had to have 2 scans as the first scanning place couldn't get all the right views we needed of the heart and spine......but they did think it was a girl and then the second also confirmed they thought with alot a certainty that the baby was also a girl and her heart was fine along with her spine. SO I guess time will tell on that one, I am not going overboard on the pink theme just yet.

Its school break here so I better get off this computer and back to my is crazy here right now!

Enjoy the little things in life,

Hugs Nicki

Ticks and the loss of a Pet

Living in Queensland has its draw backs, Paralaysis Ticks are one of them. There are only a couple of treatments that have any affect and they only last a couple of weeks. We got caught off guard this Tick season, just didn't see it coming and we lost one of our faithful pets to these nasty critters.
Paralaysis ticks work fast at paralising their host and with a small animal like a cat they can kill them within a couple of days. Molly already had a previous spinal injury from being hit by a car a few years ago, she managed to walk slowly and seemed content in life, she had no use of her tail but it didn't seem to bother her much.
For a couple of my kids it was the first loss of a pet, I mean we have lost several of our chickens but they don't view them the same way as they did Molly, she was just always here, sleeping most her life away on a chair, or in the sunny spot in my Husbands Study. Sadly that is were I found her struggling to breath and fight for life.
Sadly our vet advised that she wouldn't survive the Tick treatment, its almost as hard on the body as the tick venom, so we consented sadly to have her put to sleep, she will be sadly missed

SO here are some facts about Ticks.

By Dr Cam Day (vet)
Ticks are nasty, sneaky venomous little parasites. They are a lethal danger to your dogs and cats too. It is the Paralysis Tick season now, so what can you do to protect your dog against ticks?

The Paralysis Tick and the Brown Dog Tick are the two most common ticks on dogs in Australia. However, it is the Paralysis Tick that is by far the most dangerous. It causes paralysis in a variety of forms but a 'typical' case starts with weakness of the hindquarters that progresses to total paralysis of all four legs.

When the chest muscles and muscles of the throat become affected, the dog or cat is in serious trouble. When a Paralysis Tick affects a pet, the pet often dies. Preventing tick paralysis is a much safer and cheaper alternative than treating the condition once it has occurred. If you live in a tick-infested area, you should examine your dog or cat for ticks on a daily basis. If you have taken your pet for a walk through the bush or have been camping with your dog then examining it when you get back home is also a good idea. Don't try to look for ticks, try to feel for them instead.

Ticks are a lot easier to find if you rub your finger tips through your pet's coat rather than if you try to look for them. Your pet will enjoy the patting and rubbing too! There is still some debate on the best way to deal with a tick once you have located it. However, most veterinarians feel that you should not remove it. Instead, kill it while it is on your pet. Removing a tick while it is alive usually causes the angry tick to inject more toxin into your pet's body.

Kill the little sucker with a fast acting insecticide applied directly to the tick. If you do not have a specific pet insecticide, then a quick knockdown household aerosol insecticide will do the job well. Hold the nozzle close to the tick and drench it. (Don't spray the whole animal though). The tick will then die and shrivel up. The next step is to take your pet to your veterinarian. This is vital, as the residue of the tick's toxin under the skin can really cause a problem. Although the tick has been killed or removed, the animal can still become paralysed from this residue of poison. The poison is slowly absorbed and may cause paralysis hours or even a day or two later.

Preventing Tick Paralysis

Tick infestations can be prevented although tick control is easier on dogs than on cats. Also, manufacturers are releasing new products onto the market regularly to make the job easier and more reliable.

There are several ways to minimise tick infestations. Firstly, there are specific tick collars that are available. Virbac makes one under the name of the Preventic 2 Month Tick Collar and Bayer makes another called the Kiltix Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs. Permoxin Insecticidal Spray and Rinse is also effective for ticks on dogs. It should be applied as a rinse every seven days. Permoxin also kills and repels fleas and mosquitoes.

You should not use any of the above products on cats. For cats and dogs, Frontline is a good choice. Frontline Plus is effective for ticks on dogs if used every two weeks (not every month). Frontline Spray is effective for ticks on dogs and cats if used every three weeks at the rate of six millilitres per kilogram of weight. If you find a tick on your pet, you can spray Frontline directly onto the tick to kill it. The Bayer product Advantix is also an excellent choice and like Frontline, it is a 'spot on the neck' product. It also controls fleas but one advantage of this product is that it also repels ticks, fleas and even mosquitoes and sand flies.

Proban is an oral insecticide that is quite effective against ticks on dogs but needs to be used every two days rather than at the flea-controlling dose of twice weekly. Some veterinarians also recommend Proban for ticks on cats at 1/4 of a tablet every two days. A liquid version is also available. Because Proban is an oral medication that is excreted via the pet's skin, it gives tick control over the whole of the pet's body.

When using sprays or rinses, it is possible to miss some areas, thereby allowing ticks to attach. This does not happen with Proban. Fido's Fre-Itch Rinse is also effective for ticks and fleas if the dog or cat is rinsed in it every three days. Fido's is useful when your pet has been in a tick area and you want to bathe it to kill any hitchhiking ticks.

In tick prone areas, it is essential that your pets are searched daily for ticks. If this is done routinely, you can then eliminate tick paralysis because the tick usually has to be on the animal's body for more than two days to cause paralysis. Don't take chances with ticks. They are the most dangerous of parasites that can infest your pet and they kill.

See your veterinarian and ask his or her advice on a safe tick control program for your pet.

Important - Read This: This information is intended to provide general information only which may not be applicable to your particular circumstances. You agree to access this information at your own risk and that First Point Media is not liable to you for the content of the information or any reliance by you on this information

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've been checking out some great tutorials for converting and making your own Maternity clothing, being that I am not a little girl ;o) I really have been struggling with even the basics, I am fairly modest and hate short tops, short skirts and low cut tops, all of which is on offer in most maternity clothing shops. I guess Iwill have to get sewing !

I really like the wrap skirt, brings back memories of my teenhood and the 80's wrap skirt.

I've got some really cute and stylish materials I've been able to buy online that I know will look perfect, Now to get the motivation to sew again.
So now I just need to get going and make a couple of skirts.
love for you to share your favourite Maternity clothing link with me just leave it in the comments.

Be safe and remember to hug your love ones!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

15 weeks of joy!

random pic of my Noah boy with his first front tooth missing !

Okay so I am lying it hasn't be all joy LOL, but for the most part my heart has been joyful even if my stomach and body haven't.
I think I am finally over the hump morning sickness wise, I still have bouts of nausea but they are managed now with either eating a small snack or laying down for 10 or so minutes for a rest.

I am growing out of most of my clothes and had to buy some maternity clothing which I guess isn't that bad for 15 weeks, With Locky I was 18 weeks before I had to even think about maternity clothing but I guess my body isn't what it used to be back then and well lets just say my weight is not what it should be so I guess I have alot less room to move before I am bursting out of my clothes these days hehe.

I promise that at some stage I will post a pregnancy picture of me but right now I feel uncomfortable sharing that vision with you all .............once the belly is all baby I will but before then I am scared you will all stop reading my blog for fear of what I might post pictures of next.

I'm sitting on my back patio in the beautiful winter sun trying to get my fix of Vitamin D and I have to say its beautiful out here.....the kids are actually playing with out fighting a miracle in its self around here lately and the warmth of the sun really does make me appricate how truly blessed I am to live in a wonderful country with freedoms many in the world only dream of.

Until next time, keep safe and remember to appricate the little things in life!
Hugs Nicki

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SO we have some exciting news

We are expecting a baby in January 2011; we have kind kept it pretty quiet since we've lost the last 2 pregnancies we wanted to make sure we got to 12 weeks before sharing our new publically. BUT I really want to thank my huge net work of amazing prayer warriors that have basically kept me sane these past 9 weeks with prayers for our baby’s health and our hearts.

Our journey with infertility has been touched on here briefly before, Tony and I have chosen to focus on the positives and our blessings rather than our losses, but I have to tell you all how totally over the moon with both are over this pregnancy, I can't express the feelings I had on Monday when at our Nuchal scan we finally got to see a fully formed and active baby on the screen, I was smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes as the Ultrasound Tech had to be so fast to keep up with the active little monkey growing inside of me.

What an amazing blessing we have been granted. We know we have a long way to go, 27 long weeks still ahead of us.

Please join me as I try over the next 6 months to share our joys and adventures in this pregnancy. I hope my ramblings as a 40 year old soon to be Mumma again don't bore you all to death. I promise I will try my hardest to keep it light hearted and fun.

So that it, it’s been hard for me to keep this a secret from you all, but we just felt that we needed to guard our hearts and those of our friends for just a while until we hit the first of many milestones in this pregnancy.

Hugs and love to your families.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etsy Store up and running

Hi everyone, Well I finally have a Etsy store up and running, its a bit of a slog to get stuff up on it, with everyone home this weekend, but I am slowly doing it. The store "Little Aussie Muffins" will be stocked with handmade items made by Me and my  talented Mum, Terry.
here is a sneak peek into what is going up in the store this week. If you want to buy anything before its up on the Etsy, email me quick. Postage seems to be the hardest thing for me to work out, Etsy will only let me put in US Dollar postages costs, so for any Aussies wanting stuff it works out expensive, but PLEASE be assured I will only charge actual postage and handling costs and refund any funds left over.
above is just some of the Cute stuff we have ready to load, we also have lots more currently in production, or nearly finished.
We are also working on a Madeit store for people more comfortable with purchasing form a Aussie run website,look out for those details. PLEASE remember everything is handmade by us, its a original and often a ONE OFF, sure we might do more of the same style but NO 2 handmade items will be exactly the same.

ENJOY and tell your friends about our new Etsy store.
Hugs Nicki

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts

Been sewing again, I wanted to give my Mum something she has been wanting to make herself but just hasn't got around to it, so I made her these adorable pin cushions.

She loved them and I think that my first go at them wasn't too bad..although I did discover I need reading and close work glasses really bad hehehehe Arhhh the Joy's of life as a 40 year old.

I found the pattern at a great little patchwork store near my new Dr's just outside of Nambour called the Patchwork Angel...The cute pattern was from Leannes House. She has some amazingly Cute designs..

Hugs Nicki

Monday, April 26, 2010


Its a Huge Day for the Patterson family today, Chrissie their beautiful Daughter who had major Cardiac Surgery Last week is going to be weaned off ECMO(full life support) monday USA Time, PLEASE hold this family in prayer and pray that Chrissies little body can adjust to its new normal following ECMO. Chrissie story from no hope in Sibera to the loving arms of her new family is one filled with miracles that only our saviour can make happen, Follow Chrissies journey and lift her up in prayer and help yet another of Gods Miracles live to be a shining example for him our almighty, mercyful saviour.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It’s a day that in the past has held little meaning for me, I know that sounds terrible, but I guess it just seemed so far removed from my life as a young modern women and although several of my family had active roles in the 2nd world war and then Vietnam, our family just didn’t celebrate the day much, I guess we are the kinda family that believes honour and duty are part of life and we saw no reason to “celebrate” war which is how we saw it.
Over the years I have grown to see it differently, I Guess for the first time since Vietnam we as a nation, our Australian Soldiers have active duty that is well known, and we as a nation are being asked to support them, praise them and be proud of them. Which of course we are. But I think my biggest shift in thinking for me has come from being a mother. As a mother I guess I have a tiny understanding of what sacrifice means, and why you do it with a willing heart, even though it may mean a unknown future, I can now have a little understanding of what the mothers of all the solders felt as they said goodbye to their children, their babies as they sent them to war, how they must of mourned, and stressed and prayed for the safe return of their babies. I guess being a mother also gives you clarity for what is right and what is wrong in the world. So I guess now in some small way I get what the ANZAC's spirit is and what they did for us all those years ago in World War 1 and what the soldiers have done in the wars, peace keeping and conflicts since.
The 25th of the April, ANZAC Day, holds a new meaning for me and as I watched my fellow community members, my children and husband march as part of the supporting schools in the Annual March Yesterday it brought about a the very real and raw emotion for me....and as the floods of emotions hit as each Veteran Solider walk by, I was overwhelmed with how grateful I am that they sacrificed so much so I could have what I have today, so my children have a future filled with hope, love and opportunity. .....and as I watched them I thought to myself how do you say thank you to someone for that........for that hope, peace, love and opportunity?
SO I ask you this question, how do we ever repay them for all they have done for us? How do we ensure that all they gave was worth the sacrifice? Is living well enough? Is being a proud Aussie enough? I hope so, I really hope so.

Our Proud Veterans

Jack and Noah after the March

The Kids School Marching

My Darling Hubby and Jack proud to be Marching in Support of our Services Men and Women.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayers and support needed

In my Blogging world I have had the pleasure of getting to know quiet a few families that are walking similar roads with Chronic illness, cancer, and CHD's that we do with CHD.

2 of those families are in need of lifting up in prayer and support, please go read their blogs and send them your prayer and support.

Abby Briggs

and Sweet Chissie Patterson, who is on ECMO following a string of complications after Complex Cardiac Surgery.


Thanks in advance for lifting these inspiring children and families up in their times of need.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pizza Night

I found these new pizza bases at the supermarket, The kids love making them up with a little help from Dad.

If you look closely you can see the boys wore alot of the pizza sauce!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miss Katie did it ;o)

After 8 years of asking Katies Cardiologist finally gave her the go ahead to get her Ears pierced, she was so brave for a kid that hates needles because she has had SOOOOO many in her life she did so awesome(they used the Gun method). The lady doing it was so kind and talked her through it each step of the way...Katie loves them, she thinks she looks older and taller.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I love Thrift shopping and lately I have been searching for fabrics, 2 local Thrift stores have great selections of new secondhand fabric(does that make sense LOL) the Fabric is new, but secondhand by nature since someone owned it before me LOL.
Anyway on the way out today to get the Grocery shopping Bubba and I stopped in to check these stores out, With Bubba in the Ergo(the best baby carrier on the planet if you ask me) I was able to go though the rack of fabrics and find these cool wonderful quality fabrics, I Love the flower patterns and the Purple one is to die for in real life I am sure its Linen. Orange and pink together there is just something about that combo that I love, I love the other Orange flower print its so Retro. I got all these fabrics plus a cool tartan fabric that I had already put in the washing machine when I took these pictures below. In total I have 14 metres of material all for $19 dollars, a bargin I think considering the quality and amount of each fabric!

Birthday Outfits

So I am really getting into sewing and with a Birthday last week I was able to make both Girls new outfits, Miss Katie models them both for me and also her new Easter top I also made.

Katie modelling Miss 6's birthday outfit

Katie wearing her Easter long t-shirt, we are not sure the weather will get cool enough for this though, oh well I think its cute.

Well I couldn't stop at Miss 6's birthday outfit so I made Katie one too.......her's is for winter, and she loves it.