Sunday, August 8, 2010

15 weeks of joy!

random pic of my Noah boy with his first front tooth missing !

Okay so I am lying it hasn't be all joy LOL, but for the most part my heart has been joyful even if my stomach and body haven't.
I think I am finally over the hump morning sickness wise, I still have bouts of nausea but they are managed now with either eating a small snack or laying down for 10 or so minutes for a rest.

I am growing out of most of my clothes and had to buy some maternity clothing which I guess isn't that bad for 15 weeks, With Locky I was 18 weeks before I had to even think about maternity clothing but I guess my body isn't what it used to be back then and well lets just say my weight is not what it should be so I guess I have alot less room to move before I am bursting out of my clothes these days hehe.

I promise that at some stage I will post a pregnancy picture of me but right now I feel uncomfortable sharing that vision with you all .............once the belly is all baby I will but before then I am scared you will all stop reading my blog for fear of what I might post pictures of next.

I'm sitting on my back patio in the beautiful winter sun trying to get my fix of Vitamin D and I have to say its beautiful out here.....the kids are actually playing with out fighting a miracle in its self around here lately and the warmth of the sun really does make me appricate how truly blessed I am to live in a wonderful country with freedoms many in the world only dream of.

Until next time, keep safe and remember to appricate the little things in life!
Hugs Nicki


  1. Yes, sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of it all that we forget to find grace in the little things. Thanks for the reminder, Nicki.x

  2. Wow! Just discovered your blog through Newbies at AMB - so glad I did! I already love your blog!