Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I love Thrift shopping and lately I have been searching for fabrics, 2 local Thrift stores have great selections of new secondhand fabric(does that make sense LOL) the Fabric is new, but secondhand by nature since someone owned it before me LOL.
Anyway on the way out today to get the Grocery shopping Bubba and I stopped in to check these stores out, With Bubba in the Ergo(the best baby carrier on the planet if you ask me) I was able to go though the rack of fabrics and find these cool wonderful quality fabrics, I Love the flower patterns and the Purple one is to die for in real life I am sure its Linen. Orange and pink together there is just something about that combo that I love, I love the other Orange flower print its so Retro. I got all these fabrics plus a cool tartan fabric that I had already put in the washing machine when I took these pictures below. In total I have 14 metres of material all for $19 dollars, a bargin I think considering the quality and amount of each fabric!

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