Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etsy Store up and running

Hi everyone, Well I finally have a Etsy store up and running, its a bit of a slog to get stuff up on it, with everyone home this weekend, but I am slowly doing it. The store "Little Aussie Muffins" will be stocked with handmade items made by Me and my  talented Mum, Terry.
here is a sneak peek into what is going up in the store this week. If you want to buy anything before its up on the Etsy, email me quick. Postage seems to be the hardest thing for me to work out, Etsy will only let me put in US Dollar postages costs, so for any Aussies wanting stuff it works out expensive, but PLEASE be assured I will only charge actual postage and handling costs and refund any funds left over.
above is just some of the Cute stuff we have ready to load, we also have lots more currently in production, or nearly finished.
We are also working on a Madeit store for people more comfortable with purchasing form a Aussie run website,look out for those details. PLEASE remember everything is handmade by us, its a original and often a ONE OFF, sure we might do more of the same style but NO 2 handmade items will be exactly the same.

ENJOY and tell your friends about our new Etsy store.
Hugs Nicki

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  1. love the items you are selling at your etsy store - too cute :) good luck with some sales. Naomi.