Sunday, April 25, 2010


It’s a day that in the past has held little meaning for me, I know that sounds terrible, but I guess it just seemed so far removed from my life as a young modern women and although several of my family had active roles in the 2nd world war and then Vietnam, our family just didn’t celebrate the day much, I guess we are the kinda family that believes honour and duty are part of life and we saw no reason to “celebrate” war which is how we saw it.
Over the years I have grown to see it differently, I Guess for the first time since Vietnam we as a nation, our Australian Soldiers have active duty that is well known, and we as a nation are being asked to support them, praise them and be proud of them. Which of course we are. But I think my biggest shift in thinking for me has come from being a mother. As a mother I guess I have a tiny understanding of what sacrifice means, and why you do it with a willing heart, even though it may mean a unknown future, I can now have a little understanding of what the mothers of all the solders felt as they said goodbye to their children, their babies as they sent them to war, how they must of mourned, and stressed and prayed for the safe return of their babies. I guess being a mother also gives you clarity for what is right and what is wrong in the world. So I guess now in some small way I get what the ANZAC's spirit is and what they did for us all those years ago in World War 1 and what the soldiers have done in the wars, peace keeping and conflicts since.
The 25th of the April, ANZAC Day, holds a new meaning for me and as I watched my fellow community members, my children and husband march as part of the supporting schools in the Annual March Yesterday it brought about a the very real and raw emotion for me....and as the floods of emotions hit as each Veteran Solider walk by, I was overwhelmed with how grateful I am that they sacrificed so much so I could have what I have today, so my children have a future filled with hope, love and opportunity. .....and as I watched them I thought to myself how do you say thank you to someone for that........for that hope, peace, love and opportunity?
SO I ask you this question, how do we ever repay them for all they have done for us? How do we ensure that all they gave was worth the sacrifice? Is living well enough? Is being a proud Aussie enough? I hope so, I really hope so.

Our Proud Veterans

Jack and Noah after the March

The Kids School Marching

My Darling Hubby and Jack proud to be Marching in Support of our Services Men and Women.

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