Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3 Universal Studio's welcomes Katie

Day 3 in Orlando started with a hearty breakfast at GKTW and a visit from a little friend, OHHH gosh how we love these litte cuties We decided to go to Universal Studio's today, and we had a great time even though it was really HOT today, Universal has these great fans that spray out a fine mist of water at certain spots around the park and that was great, we had a great time on the Men in Black ride, the Jaws ride, several of the rides at Universal katie had to avoid due to her heart issues, but that didn't stop us having a blast.

After Universal Studio's We headed back to Give Kids the world for icecream and Dinner. GKTW has a wonderful free icecream palour, its amazing the kids(and adults hehe) can choose from many different types of icecreams, banana splits and milkshakes, The kids loved it and we had several trips here on our trip, The Icecream palour like most of the GKTW attractions are maned by GKTW Angels, these are unpaid helpers, and THEY ARE amazing people with so much love and generosity.

After Dinner we went to Mayor Claytons Birthday Celebrations, Mayor Clayton is the Mayor of GKTW, he and his beautiful wife, spend alot of time making you feel very welcome at GKTW, It seems only natural that he is a Huge Rabbit ;o)))
Again GKTW put on a wonderful party, the kids had face painting, dancing, Cake, and lots of fun, and again the GKTW angels are everywhere.....I love this place and could move in for good :O))

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