Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 5 Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was amazing, we loved the Safari tour, the animals where amazing and they looked so healthy and happy, always a good sign of a good Zoo.
We spent the whole day just roaming around from Attraction to attraction, The Nemo Musical was a blast, the constumes where just beautiful......and they had Katies and My favouite Turtle Narrrrlyyyy Dude!
We all took the waterride much to Jacks horror, we discovered with Jack that anything that sprayed water, splashed water or went under water was NO his idea if fun, yet he would ride some of the scariest rides at Disney as long as their was NO water involved.......funny kid he is.
Here is a few photo's from the day, I really loved the tree of life, the carvings are beautiful

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  1. what exceptional fun you all had and what wonderful memories.
    Jack is so funny and brave.