Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day one " Dreams come True"

Hi everyone, sorry I was unable to update while away, firstly our computer crashed just prior to leaving and then once there in the Orlando I couldn't for the life of me find a internet cafe to update.
So you are getting this news late.........but like they say "better late than never" hehehe.
Well as you know Katies had a wish granted thought The Make a wish foundation Australia and it was to Go to Disney world in Orlando and to see Nasa, and boy did we do all of that.
We headed off on the May the 8th, flying our of Brisbane on a Qantas, after the Flight being slightly delayed, we had a great flight,

the kids did awesome and we arrived in LA and then flew on to Orlando.
USA Customs was okay so no need for me to stress, then we had a quick walk(erh sprint LOL) to another terminal for the flight to Orlando. The Next flight went quickly and we touched down in Orlando a little after 5pm.
We where greeted by The Give Kids the World "angels" these amazing volunteers help families to find there way when they arrive in Orlando, so after showing us to our hire car we where on our way to The Give Kids the world resort.
I drove out of the airport, and after the navigator got us lost(AKA Tony) we finally found our way to The resort to be welcomed with open arms.
Give kids the world is a resort just for Wish families from all over the world.

They provide their services for free to all wish families who are staying with them, and I am not sure where to start with the amazing service they provide.
On arrival we where greeted with a beautiful condo, and directed to the Gingerbread House for dinner, the kids where in heaven, the food was beyond there wildest dreams.

after filling 6 bellies with an amazing amount of different types of foods, we headed to Walmart which was just down the road for a few essentials and then we all fell into bed and slept like babies :O)

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