Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 8 Oh Darn its over ;o((((((

Well today was our last day in Orlando and the US, we are very sad about heading home, but overjoyed with the amazing memories and the unbelievable time we have had.
Like all days at GKTW we had breakfast at the beautiful Ginger bread house,

After breakfast we where directed to the main square for a party. A wonderful group of school students who have made it their schools mission to support GKTW where throwing a party for the families at GKTW, there was dancing, bubbles, and lots of crafts and fun things to do, the kids had a blast enjoying the fun these amazing young people where organising.

Then we headed to the Castle of miracles, to place Katies Wish Star in the Castle. Each wish child is given a star to name and place on the roof of the castle, the amount on the roof is amazing, its both inspiring and also sad that so many children have been granted wishes and have placed there stars here. Katie was later sent a star passport that shows here where the star is.

All the children where also allowed to make a wish pillow in the special wish pillow machine in the castle, we got to bring home all the pillows, with each childs most treasured wish stitched into the pillow.

After we had our last fun time in the Castle of miracles we had our last ride on the Carousel, Jack loved this the most.

We then went back to the unit, did our last packing, loaded the car with all the amazing gifts that the children had been given at GKTW, and we headed to the outlet store to finish of our gift buying before heading to the Airport.

Our trip home when smoothly until we hit a hour from Brisbane and had to be diverted to Sydney due to fog in Brisbane............BRISBANE NEVER has fog LOL
SO after sitting on the tarmac at Sydney airport for nearly 2 hours we finally got home 4 hours after our original lading time, but all that was forgotten once we landed and where met by our family.
Our family can't express the gratitude we have for both Make a Wish Australia and Give Kids the World USA, along with all the amazing places that support them, WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES, and Our memories will last a life time.

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  1. gorgeous photos Nicki ...amazing journey for an amazing family.I was in tears at the end.

    Freaky about the fog.

    Love your creativity at the end showing the photos of behind.