Friday, January 30, 2009

I've got my Mojo back

I have my mojo back, I got out my sewing machine and look at the results....."H" has been driving me nuts with her preschool sleeping stuff, she keeps losing the sheet or blanket and not having them when we need them so I saw this neat pattern online and downloaded the PDF and just went ahead a made it.I think it turned out okay, I have some ideas for the next one I make to improve the pattern so I will try that out next time.

Also I got this material yesterday on a clearence stand at Spotlight(like michaels, joann's etc) I really like it and was wondering what you would do with it? I was thinking a carryall bag to go on the stroller but I am up for other ideas.

Anyway the weekend is here, so I doubt I will get much time to blog until monday.......keep safe, Hugs


  1. wow...pretty nice. you have skills.

  2. I like it... care to share how you would improve (so you can save me the trouble; I want to make a couple, too)
    the mushrooms.....I dont know, but that is cute fabric