Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our New Veggie patch!

Well we are on our way, Dad and Tony got busy today making the 2 of the 4 no dig veggie gardens that I plan to have, we made both of them for under $60 by going to the recycle place at our local rubbish tip, since they sell for like $150 each as a premade unit I thought we did okay. Tomorrow I am heading off to our local Sunday market to plan the vegies we are going to plant, and on the way home we are going to pick up some compose and hay to complete the no dig part of the garden. We are going for a garden we can plant in straight away as I really don't want to wait for the breakdown to happen so it will cost us a little more at first.
So now I have to decide do I buy seedlings or seeds and grow them from scratch. I think I will do a bit of both, We are planning Watermelon, peas, cucumber, radish, lettuce, Tomatoes(several varieties) pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, rock melon etc. It will take us a while to work out what grows best here and how much of each we need to help us get more self sufficient. We plan on growing alot of our food but I guess it will take a while to work it all out.
if you have any tips or ideas we would love your feed back, here are some pictures of today’s project coming together.


  1. Where are the pictures? Sounds exciting! I guess I better get moving, I didn't realize it needed to be started so early.

  2. Sounds wonderful! What's a rock melon?