Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life with a Hormone charged Teenager

I LOVE THIS BOY with all my heart and Soul.

BUT ohhh gosh he is so testing every inch of my tolerance and understanding. I always thought I would be one of those easy going happy Mummas with a house filled with fun, happy teens. HOW wrong I was on all accounts.

I am trying so hard to enjoy my eldest son's teen years, trying so hard to embrace his music choices, his clothing choices and his friends all the while remembering that most of what he likes today he will hate tomorrow, BUT I am so not enjoying, the loud music, disrespectful clothing choices and rude friends(which yesterday where polite and happy kids) and bad attitude.

I have been praying alot lately for our relationship, praying for me to have more understanding and tolerance.

We have had a hard year with him, he made some bad choices which led to some really serious consequence,and some hard lessons learnt, I was so proud for him throughout it as he showed great maturity, and a humbleness and remorse that made me feel he was going to grow to be a respectful honorable young man, but gosh some days lately I just worry that we will never get him to that stage.........

Tonight we decided it had been so hot here(unseasonal) that we would pack everyone in that van and head for the beach, well Locky had no desire to come, but we said this is a family outing you are coming and off we went..........well I was sing hymns to myself within 2 minutes of leaving the house and not because I was joyful LOL. The drive to the beach with a angry nearly 15 year old was like riding with a ranging bear.......Tony (dh) Stopped the Van 3 times on the way for the eldest child in the car.........we have not had to do that since he was a 2 year old, it was so nuts it end up being comical.......he was swinging in the Teen jungle in full ape mode!!, picking on his brothers and sisters, being loud, rude and disrespectful and I was so tempted to leave him at the beach !

MY heart tells me that we have raised this boy to be a loving, happy and respectful young man and that young man is in there just hidden under raging crazy hormones and peer pressure.

Please Pray that we get back that happy, helpful, loving and respectful young man very soon and Please pray that in the mean time he makes wise choices, and pray that we can continue to keep him safe and guide him as he continues to mature and find his place in this world.


  1. Hate to say this, as I KNOW what all you have on your plate, but you might consider bringing him home to homeschool for a few months until you get him back to his normal self.

    And me, personally, everyone listens to what I say in this house...and certain clothes are off limits...and i dont think that is unreasonable to say that to a teen. yes, they should have personality but not when it is rude or vulgar in dress or attitude. You know?

    Sometimes they just need someone to say...look what that says. Is that really what you wnat the world to think about you?

  2. I can relate ...big time.(hugs)
    Our 16yr old teen has made some bad choices too, at home mostly and skipping school.
    My beautiful christian friend and her husband too have a 15yr old teen who went off the rails and is still giving them strife.
    I will pray for you guys too ...

  3. Most likely, the older teen years will get better for you. Stay your ground with love and firmness. He's at a very tough age. I love your blog! (Stopped by from SITS.)