Monday, November 23, 2009

finally back from a LONG blog Holiday

Sorry its been so long since I posted, Life and new ventures have just got in the way of my Blogging time.

We have been busy gearing up for Christmas and decorating our home. Not to mention that my darling DH is 3/4 of the way though laying our new wooden floor.
We have had sickness, flu and 3 birthdays since I last posted.......Time how it flys.

Here is DH and my Dad starting and finishing my scrapbooking room, I'll post a Pick of it all back together tonight ;o))

All the kids are well, but we had s couple of scares, K and J, got the Swine flu, but thankfully both faired well, and have no ill affects from it.

Sorry its quick update, I promise to get back in to the swing of things real soon. I have a special project coming, its huge, its going to be fun, inspirational and all about Spreading Gods word, compfort,Human love and compassion. As soon as we are set to launch I will announce it here first.

Gods blessings, Hugs Nicki

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