Friday, January 29, 2010

Australia Day and Back to school

Well its been a busy week in our household. This week for all that don't live in Australia was our National Holiday or as we call it Australia Day(invasion day for indigenous Australians) and it was the start of the Queensland School Year.
I had 5 children starting back to school this year and it was hectic getting them all the right places in the right uniforms LOL.
Locky our Teen started a new school so he was nervous and due to some confusion over times the new schools uniform shop was open I had a mad dash on the first day to get him a uniform in time to start school. Tony took the other 4 to school, they all attend his school and as it was no ones "first" day i.e. No prep students this year they all happily went off without any issues.
So far everyone is happy with Teachers and school so thats a positive.
Tuesday was Australia day, we decided that we would do as I am sure most Aussies did, head for the beach. We had a wonderful time, eat fish and chips, played cricket and swam in the beautiful and warm waters of Rainbow Beach, not far from the new area we are hoping to move too. It was very hot and this little duck only lasted a hour before bribing everyone off the beach with the promise of a yummy icecream.....and off course it worked.
Here is some of photo's I've snaped over the last week.
Our Miss Katie Fish
Noah winking....nah it was just bright LOL
Jack having a ball......this kid has so much Joy!
Our awesome Lifesavers....what a job they have and what a awesome job they do! Swim between the flags everyone, Its the only sane thing to do.

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