Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working to a new life

Well as the title says this year is going to bring a new life for us, how that is to take shape is not yet a sure thing, but Tony and I have open our hearts and minds to a opportunity that could see us moving again. Nothing is in Concrete yet, but we are looking at a pretty different lifestyle. A lifestyle that I have always desire, a small farm. I can't go really into details right now but we should have a clearer picture of how this is going to eventuate within the next couple of weeks, it’s a HUGE step out of our comfort zone both financially and emotionally. It will mean another move for the kids, new friends, new environments but for all it will mean a new start and a healthier happier environment free from awful neighbours and restrictions of what we can and can't do in their own yard.
Above is a Glimpse of what we are looking at’s Beautiful, but some pretty huge financial mountains will need to be moved for us to get this place, we are praying that its Gods will for our family to move here, raise our own cattle for meat, produce our own fruit and veggies in the already established plots and from the already fruiting tree's, along with producing Milk from the beautiful little Jersey in the front paddock.....For me it’s like returning to a old life, one I grew up in where you’re up with the cows and asleep with the birds ;o) a life where kids can be kids, roaming and exploring without the fear of busy roads, and unsavoury humans. For my darling DH it’s a new adventure for the City boy, raised in the suburbs of Redcliffe, And for the kids who still can't tell the difference between a Cow and a bull or a sheep and a goat it’s going to be a exciting and funny adventure that will bring them so many lifelong lessons and memories.
So we move towards this dream, the paper work is being lodged with the Financial Broker and we hold our breath and pray......
Please stick around as I share with you our adventures and Learning curves as we follow this quest for a new life, no matter the outcome for this particular property we still have this overwhelming passion to find a small farm either to rent or we are researching and learning to prepare ourselves for a great new and exciting future.

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  1. Praying God blesses you all with this, Nicki!