Sunday, February 7, 2010

This post took my breath away!

I've been following this awesome Mumma's blog from a little while now, her son has 2 complex conditions called Mastocytosis and Antral G-Cell Hyperplasia, both of which are life threatening, as a Mum of a child that also has a life threatening medical condition my heart just went out to her, and her words just rang so true to me I found myself tearing up.
Us mumma's who live with life threatening conditions in our kids live on a knife edge, any moment our lives can come crashing down, a simple cold, infection or cough can mean disaster....The Nasty friend "Worry" is a constant and we hate it when he comes visiting, some weeks its more than others and some weeks and days he is a heavy burden to bear....Masto Mama puts it so beautifully in this following post,
A Horrible Friend

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