Monday, March 8, 2010

My New love

Sorry its been ages since I blogged, we had a fault on a phone line and it took our phone company 2 weeks to fix it and then another week to get our WiFi internet running, and sorry folks I just can't blog with Dial up, I just don't have the time it takes.

Not alot has been just has its groove here and its pretty routine for the most part. I have been getting back into sewing more and more. These are my latest projects. My girls clothes are boring shop brought tshirts and tops so I decided I needed to girly them up a bit. Terrymum(my beautiful clever Mumma) decided to give the YoYo makers a go and got all the templates our craft store had. She has me plan on seeing YoYo's of all different shapes and sizes popping up on my new projects.
I have some amazing fabrics coming from the wonderful fabric Co op I am on and I can't wait from them to arrive. With Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey fabrics in your stash you just can't go wrong really.
I have searching for inspiration(no I am not as clever as you thought I was LOL) I found some neat new Blogging friends PLEASE check out these amazing Mumma's as they bring the joy of crafting and sewing to their families.

Amy at OUR SCOOP What a amazing Mumma and Crafter......she has inspried me to get working on my kids clothes, Simple but beautiful Dress's, tops and skirts.Yum.

I also found Kristin at GRACE VIOLET
what a lovely blog, so inspriring me to get to work.
Please check them out.

SO here is what I did yesterday.......just getting my Groove back and it was fun.
EASY Head Bands

YOYO Hair Clip

My Precious Girl showing off her new Tshirt and Head Band.

My New love Monogram Tshirts for the Girls

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