Sunday, April 27, 2008

count down has begun

Well the count down has begun to several big events in our lives, not only are we going on the US trip with Katies Make a Wish, but my Dad (Rob) is arriving from South Australia to come live with us next weekend and Our new house is finally going to start being built within the next 4 weeks, all the paper work, bank approval and council building approval is done and we are just waiting for the builders to cut the block and start the build.
WE are going to have a HUGE second half of this year.
Our new house is at Wamuran, a small semi rural area about 35 minutes from where we live now, we have 1 whole acre to build on and we are building our forever house............we are never building again!!! its so far been a very stressful and money consuming exercise and I can't see it getting any better for at least a few months ;o)

My Dad is building a "granny Flat" type thing off our Home, he has his own Garage, own entrances and basically he will live as if he was living on his own............only he has us next door LOL.
The kids are over the moon that Grandad is coming..........I sure that everyone will need some time to settle in to a new normal, my Dad and I haven't been this close for over 16 years so its going to be different for all of us.
Anyway the countdown to the trip has begun in a huge way, I got suitcases out and I just had a call from my Mum that she has brought us a new set of suitcases to go 11 days it is till we are flying off to our dream holiday,

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