Saturday, April 26, 2008

Katies Wish Trip

As I have previously posted Katie is going on a Make a Wish trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida in May, we Leave Brisbane on the 8th (My dad is house sitting for us) and arrive 17 hours later but also on the 8th in Orlando(got to love the time difference). Katie and our family are so very grateful for this wonderful chance to have a once in a life time family holiday to Disney World.
The Make a Wish foundation is an amazing foundation who grant wishes to children with life-threatening illness's, the wish' are granted on a case by case basis and it seems to us that NOTHING is do hard for them(I know I know with some exceptions)

If you can remember Make a Wish next time you are thinking of donating to a Charity I am sure they would be over the moon to recieve a donation.

When we are in Orlando we are staying at another amazing place that works closely with Make a Wish to provide accomidation to families on Wish trips.
Give Kids the World is another Charity that supports children and families who are living though a Life threatening illness, Please check out there amazing website for yourself.

We are almost as excited about staying in this place as we are about going to Disney World and Nasa.

The Make a Wish foundation has done so much to make Katies wish even more special, this past weekend Katie was presented with her wish and got a program of the up and coming trip, the Wish Fairies who came out to our home brougth party food, gifts and an amazing amount of love and compassion which they showered on all that where at the "wish Party"
I can't say enough about this amazing group of people, the "wish Fairies" are doing this for love, not money and are voluntees who give up there time to come and make the wishes even more special for the wish child and their families.

Here is some pictures from the Wish Party

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  1. What precious photos and gorgeous kids - I am looking forward to following your journey.
    Katie I hope you have a wonderful trip

    come visit me ;)
    My Little Drummer boys