Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hi everyone

Hi there, well I have finally taken the Blog plunge and created a blog for all of our family and friends to keep track of us and also so I can keep you all upto date with the kids medical issues and OHHH our amazing trip to Disneyworld in May.

As some of you know Katie was granted a Make a Wish, wish from the The Make a wish foundation here in Australia
Katies wish was to Go to Disneyworld and Nasa to see a shuttle take off(they can't grant that but we are going to Nasa), well they have granted her the wish and we her family get to got with her all 6 of us. We leave in like 12 days and we are over the moon with excitement.

Katie for those that don't know has a complex cardiac condition called Hypoplastic Right heart Syndrome(HRHS), its not a condition that can be cured and it involves many, many years of medical and surgical procedures.

Katie has had a pretty good run lately and is stable, but we know that Health is not something we can take for granted with HRHS so we are eager to get her on her trip so she can enjoy it while she is so stable and happy.

The other kids are doing well, Jack, Locky,and Noah are doing awesome in school and Jack got his first ever Student of the week award last week, she slept with the certificate!!!!!

Locky is doing awazing at his new love Tae Kwondo and has gained two belts in a very short amount of time, he is nearly on to his 3rd belt and he just loves the sport.

Noah has had a amazing start to Prep and he loves it so much,

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  1. welcome Nicki and your precious family to the blogosphere and friends in cyber space.
    How cool is your trip going to be ... Katie is a special girl.