Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crazy time here

Sorry, about the huge gap in posting, Life here has been nuts, then my Computer got a fatal virus and is still down.
I'm back up with a new laptop computer.
The house is coming alone nicely, after a few hitches it seems like we are finally getting somewhere, we are nearly to lock up stage, actually they locked it up today, but due to a issue with the bricks and the mortar, we only have lock up because the guys working on the inside of the house are so far ahead and are needing it to be locked up, but the bricks are way behind. I think the inside will be finshed way before the bricks, as all that is left is the kitchen, tiling, toilets, sinks, the last bit of wood work(most done) and the light switches(all the wiring is done. WE think that if they put there heads down it could be done if about a month but they are saying that its still 8-10 weeks to move in date...........grhhhhhhh
House building just isn't my idea of fun.
Our home here isn't sold yet either......thats a bit stressful.........We are praying that the reserve bank reduces intreset rates and that the banks follow it though. then maybe the house market will get busier again, its just flat as here with house sales.
We start another round of fertility treatment next month after alittle hicup that I will not bore you with(I'm post any exciting bits as we go though that)
The kids are is good, but just so busy, although not to busy that we couldn't have some fun cooking some Ricebubble rockyroad slice....Yummmo

Hugs Nicki

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