Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Has it really been that Long

Gosh I can't believe its been since August since my last post, Slack girl I am, lots has changed for us since then, we have 3 new fosterplacements 'L' a 4 year old girl 'H' a 3 year old girl and 'H' their newborn brother who is now 8 weeks old. We have moved into our new home and LOVE it, but gosh its been hard work, I feel so warn out and tired.....so haven't really got everything going that I wanted to get going. I will start my new Gardens soon, and sort out what I am growing. We have our first fruit tree going and will add more as money permits. Due to major issue with out builder we ended up having to pay alot more than we thought.......lesson learn't READ THE FINE PRINT!!!
BUT over all we are very happy with the home after a few hiccups.
Christmas went well, with 3 extra's this year it was a mad rush down the the line to get it all orgaised but I guess its not Christmas without the rush....right?
I'm still working on that baby and it likely that we will begin IVF in Febuary after no luck(except the first time which ended in miscarriage) with ovulation induction.
The children are all doing very well, Locky is 14 and full of attitude, Katie is well and is now 11, Jack is well also and is now 10 and my baby is 6 and going into grade 1 this year.......Time flys.
Anyway I promise to keep more up to date and will share some pictures of the House ASAP.
Hugs Nicki

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  1. welcome back Nicki and glad you are enjoying your new home.
    I missed you so much.It must be a busy busy home with 7 children.
    I will be thinking of you come February and praying for you guys.