Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today I was sent a link to a young teen who is available for adoption in the US. I get these kinda emails often as I am on a special needs adoption list, mostly they do not really affect me, I mean I can rationalise that the kids are in the US and we can't legally adopt them into Australia so it’s a non issue. But this young teen really got to me. She has a liver condition that requires a transplant and the Dr will not do it unless she has a forever family willing to make a lifelong commitment to her, can you imagine that? can you imagine being so alone in the world that Dr will not do life saving surgery on you because you will not have the support and family to help you with follow up care?.....it just breaks my heart.
So my question is to you have you very considered adoption? The US has some terrible amount of children available for adoption though the fostercare system, some of these kids have special medical needs some have disabilities and some have behavioural issues and/or have been affected by the abuse to which they were subjected. Some are just kids who with the love of a family will thrive, some need more than love. But every single one of them needs a family just like yours........I can see you thinking I am full, I have enough to deal with, I can't do that disability or that medical condition. I understand that feeling it can be a overwhelming to take on a child that has issues that you have never dealt with, but there’s how I feel about that, If God had blessed me with a birth child with say liver disease or Heart condition I would not have known at first what to do, how to manage or how to advocate for my child.........I would of learnt as I went along. Well it’s just like that, I didn't know how to place a feeding tube when we first took Katie home...........I learnt, I didn't know all the traits for Down syndrome when we took Jack home but I learnt, I didn't know what maternal drug addiction would mean for my Noah but I do now!..........You learn to look after these kids are you go along, I didn’t have the skills to look after Katie where we first took her I learnt on the Job so to speak. I am not amazing person, no saint, no angel, I am a average mumma, who cooks, cleans, hugs her babies and fights the stop drop and go at school every day, I am nothing out of the ordinary, I have not amazing skills that makes me better than you at parenting, I guess what is different is I had the desire to look into it and once I did I was hooked...........as a mother I just couldn't sit back when I knew kids where needing families. Kids needed love, stability and someone to care about how they got on in life.
I will grant you that we have had some ups and downs, but strangely no more than the average family, I sit and listen to the Mums and school and we all have the same issues, whinging kids, full schedules and difficult toddlers........ours lives are really no different in many ways.
Many people ask how I do it, to which I reply "do what?" parent?, be Jack and Noah's mother? well I do it the same way you do, I get up every morning see my child for the Miracle of God he/she is and get on with my day, I have the same challenges, the same stress's the same hang ups, I worry about my boys future, but so the heck do you from what I am hearing...........so see we are not different really.
So why not give it a look? why not look at one of the thousands of "waiting child lists" both here in Australia(excludes Queensland who do not advertise waiting for adoption children ughhhh) but mostly in the USA and talk it over with your hubby and or kids, Do a information course and see where God leads you........It’s that simple, you do not have to have loads of money, Homeschooling is not obstacle, Large families are accepted for alot of children/sibling groups, and you do not have to own your own home or provide a separate room for the adopted children.
I can't express to you the blessings, love and miracles that my adopted children have brought to my life........words really can't express how inspired, challenged and happy I am as a mother because of all my kids.....So will you take a look, look outside your home, see where it leads you???

Here are 3 of my Miracles,


  1. Only 2 more months till my county has their foster care classes. I cant wait!

  2. oh Nicki that is so sad about the teenager waiting on a transplant and a forever family.
    I am in awe of you for the beautiful children in your family.They are so blessed to have 'you' and your family for their forever famiy.

    You might want to join the 5 mins for special needs blogsite - it might post a link to these sites if they were made aware of them.
    My friend is a regular contributor there too.Tiff & Ivy

  3. ooops here is the link