Friday, January 16, 2009

The Back to School build up!

Well for alot of Aussie families its almost the end of the Summer Holidays and the back to school build up has begun. We have 5 going back to school in just over a week so preparing for everything has begun, New shoes, New back packs, lunch boxes and water bottles.......not to mention the school book lists etc. I am so not a mother who likes this time of the year, the hype, the money, the stress, but my alternative? Homeschooling just isn't something I feel I could manage, I admire the many friends I have that homeschool many of which have kids with complex learning needs, but most of these families are in the USA where its seems that homeschooling is much more accepted than here. Don't get me wrong I have considered it and frankly have not rule it out in the future but right now I just can't seem me managing it.
So I put up with the hype, the waste of money and the stress on both myself and the kids display as the first day of the new school year gets closer and closer.
I did have a few giggles while we where gathering the school gear at our local shopping Centre yesterday, did you know that Kmart, Big W and Target combined do not have enough different character bags for my kids once you rule out Brats, Bart simpson and other Characters we do not allow or approve of? Did you know that Many shoe stores can't cope with 5 shoe fittings at once! and did you know that its almost impossible to find contact book covering to keep everyone happy!
So in less than 10 days my life to many will seem like bliss, but to me it will be kinda sad.........
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  1. I have always *loved* back-to-school time! Even as a homeschooler now - I just love planning the curriculum, buying supplies, etc. But, I know what you mean about the backpacks and such. Over Christmas, my complaint was that EVERY item of clothing I looked at seemed to have a skull on it - for no apparent reason!