Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Into our 6th week of a Miracle

Hi Everyone, for those not following me on my Yahoo groups we are into week 6, I have my sick and not so sick days, today I am sick LOL.........everything seems to be different this time, and I have a better feeling about this baby, I am not as sick as with Locky my first birthchild but I am also 14 years older mumma can't be sick or the house falls down around her!!!
I wanted to share with you some amazing pictures of my good Friend Renee's baby (I am sure she will not care) and this is for anyone that doubts a baby is a baby before a certain time in the pregnancy, this is for everyone that calls it a fetus and not a baby..........this is for anyone that justifies abortion prior to 18 weeks "because its not really a baby yet just a fetus" Renee is 7 weeks ahead of my pregnancy wise and this was her 13 week nucual(SP?) scan. Enjoy the wonders and Miracle going on inside her womb.

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