Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, 8 weeks down..............I can't really believe I am 8 weeks its flying by really it is, This week has been filled with sad memories but also a new hope that this baby is sticking ;o)
I lost our last angel at 7 weeks and 5 days so we have past this mark this time and we have renewed hope. I am off for a scan tomorrow and we are praying that my pretty much constant sick feeling and the real dislikes of foods that I usually love like Chocolate..........have me even more hopeful that this baby is growing and is healthy but tomorrow will either dash that hope and pray or give us more hope!.
I am exhausted, grumpy and not able to think about more than one thing at a time......SOOOO not like me LOL. BUT I know that this will pass and before long God willing we will be feeling a beautiful baby growing strongly.
We had a wonderful easter break, I was pretty off colour all weekend but the kids and Tony spent some time at the beach, hanging out and having fun. It was a cool and rainy weekend but still a great break for us.
I'll update about the scan if I get a chance tomorrow otherwise wednesday.
Keep safe, love life and enjoy the most important people in your life YOUR FAMILY!
Hugs Nicki


  1. I am so praying for you to keep this little one safe and snug inside! Can't wait to hear the reports from the doctor and to watch you on this journey to your newest angel :)


  2. This is just be sick to your stomach and throwing up all the time. LOL