Monday, July 27, 2009

Its been too long......

Life has been hard for us this past few months, after the joy of reach 8 weeks PG, we were devestated with the news our baby had not heartbeat just a week later. I will not go into details its just not productive for us now, but life has just kinda gone from bad to worse and then slowly better since then.......Life is looking up, we are seeing a new fertility specialist and we might be going with IVF treatments still haven't decided yet.
The kids are great, growing to fast.......all are doing well at school so that is the main thing.
So I just thought I would update here, for those that wondered why I have dropped off the planet. I am slowly gaining my strenght and hope back..........slowly seeing the huge amounts of blessings, love and beautiful things in my life again.........its been hard so much has gone on.

Hugs Nicki
Mumma to 4 forever miracles, 3 staying with us for a while and 2 Angels watching us from above.
QLD Aust.

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  1. Nicki hugest hugs ...I am so sorry you lost your precious baby.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers for the next step.