Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well Life around here has a new Crazy Normal.(thanks for this perfect sign from Shabby blogs) We are a family of 9 with the arrival of a sibling group all under 5 via fostering.

So now we have: Locky 14, Katie 11, Jack 10, Noah 6, L(girl 5), H(girl 3) and H(boy 9months).

They have actually been with us for a while now but due to some safety concerns from the Birth family I have not felt happy about posting about their arrival.

SO life is a bit insane at present, we are still settling into the new house and slowly getting things organised. We still do not have our new wood flooring down and to tell you the truth with 7 kids to manage everyday I am kinda dreading the day we have to move everything for them to come an install it. I of course will love it once down, but its going to be a fun week managing the house around the install..........note to self :check out the cost of a hotel room or 4 LOL.

The new crew are settling in well, but adding 3 kids under 5 was a challenge to say the lest. Back to nappies, wet beds and high pitch squealing girls had Jack covering his ears for weeks on end(alot of kids with Down Syndrome are sensitive to high pitch noises!)

We are still working on adding a home grown blessing, the lose of our 2 angels via miscarriage hit both Tony and I very hard, we have been recommended by our fertility specialist to another high risk fertility specialist for IVF treatment. After alot of prayer, counsel from friends filled with love and wisdom we have decided to give it a go. We will start our first round of treatments within the next month.

I am trying to to promote my blog, I have decided that I get so much from the friendships and shows of compassion and love I recieved from the friends I have met via email groups, facebook and blogs that I really need to make a effort to tell our story in hopes that I can return that love an support to others. SO if you are able to pass on my link, or join my blog or suggest others visit me that would be awesome. I am also after any ideas, tips or information on how to improve the look or interest level of the blog.

Again thanks so much and if you haven't already come and also join me on

Hugs Nicki

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  1. just keep posting...people will start reading.