Monday, August 10, 2009

What encourages me!

I found this wonderful new website that is all about encouraging Christian women in all parts of their lives, go check them out as soon as you have finished here (in)courage me . I have been very inspired and encouraged by the new site that is encouraging us to share with our blog readers what encourages us.

I am encouraged by sunny days, beautiful skies, faces of happy children, people with unquestioning faith in Jesus Christ, by children that prove adversity can be beaten and by amazing medical miracles that happen in our Hospitals everyday, I am encouraged by simple everyday achievements like getting the washing on the line, having a day free from childrens fighting, BUT most of wall I am encouraged by the amazing amount of good, honest and God loving people we still have in our world and by the beautiful and amazing sisters in faith that I have from all over the world who encourage me to get out of bed everysingle day.

What are you encouraged by?

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  1. I love how you are encouraged by so many things (and I laughed at the mention of a day with no fighting - amen!!). Thanks for stopping by (in)courage!