Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Aussie bush walk for 8

We have decided as a family that we would try everyweekend to do something outdoors like the beach, bushwalk, bike rides etc.

SO this weekend we decided the weather was so cool and sunny that it was a perfect day from a bushwalk, so we pack up the 6 little ones (Locky refused to come because he and I quote "thinks we are Crazy") and we headed off to Glass house Mountians about 20 minutes drive from us. Now I will add here that we only took them on a very short bushwalk for the first time but it did have its challenges, rocks, steep declines and steep inclines, but it was very walkable for kids. IT all started out great, everyone was happy, laughing and singing with the odd chooooeeeeee(aussie bush call), then we started the incline home and all the laughter and singing was replaced with "my legs hurt", "I can't make it" and with Jacks sit down and refuse to move ploy! BUT with alot of humour, jokes, draging Jack up the hillside and "come on you can do it" we finally made it to the end of the 1km walk. It was a lot of fun and we will do it again for sure.

As you can see by these photo's the Glasshouse mountians area is truly a beautiful example of Gods perfect creation on earth.

Typical Aussie bushland.

My beautiful Noah.

Banksia in flower.

Wild flowers

My beautiful Jack taking time out from the long walk!

Everyone lined up walking the track with me taking up the rear.

Daddy and his Ergo Buddy "H"

View from the bushwalk

Another view from our walk.

Hugs and Blessings to your family,

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  1. You arent coming up in my reader as having new posts. Sorry.

    I like your photos...and the ergo.