Saturday, August 22, 2009

I wish I could share

The beautiful pictures I took today of "H" and Katie sitting together on the grass today..........H is so cute now, so smiley, out going and he has an adorable photographic face, but I can't share those photos of this amazing little boy that we are so proud to be parenting why???
because children in fostercare can't have photo's published if there is a possibility they could be identified as being in Fostercare. SO if your wonding why I never post pictures of my darling extra's that is why..........I am really enjoying taking photo's again, I lost my MOJO with photo taking for a while, not sure why but I just felt every photo I took was out of focus(which is pretty hard when you have your SLR on automatic setting LOL) or the lighting was terrible, or the child moved, frowned or pulled a silly face.......but today I felt that I had taken Photographer quality photo's and I can't wait to print them.
I do hope that one day I can share them with you...........
I promise I will take some of the kids I can share tomorrow, its going to be really warm here tomorrow, and we are heading out to a Sustainable Living Expo that is at a awesome nature reserve near the kids school so I am sure I can get some great photo's if I can bribe the kids to cooperate LOL.
I thought too that I would share my new place of inspiration with you, You need to pay a small monthly membership to join this forum but its worth every cent if your really into photography.

Hugs to you all, Nicki