Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something I have learn't this week

Glass Stove Canopy's can EXPLODE. After burning some popcorn in my microwave.....okay so I was blog hopping at the time I admit it, anyway after turning on my fan in our Glass Canopy to clear the smoke and leaving the kitchen with the popcorn I could salvage, I was startled by a HUGE explosion......our glass Canopy EXPLODED, YES Exploded.........filling my Kitchen and Dinning room with millions of tiny shattered pieces of Glass.
I will not share the brand with you all just yet as we are waiting to see how well the Manufacture reacts to our situation. WE do understand that faults happen, but this fault could of caused one of my children or myself a serious injury, Praise the LORD no one was in the Kitchen at the time.
Just another Day in my crazy life! Hugs & Blessings Nicki


  1. NICKI...thank the LORD no one was in there!

  2. Oh my Nicki that is so SCARY!
    I do hope they take care of it for you (maybe replace it with one not glass?)
    Suddenly I'm thankful for my ugly plasticy one : /

    I'm so glad no one was in your kitchen!

  3. Nicki: Thanks for stopping by...I looked at your pictures and I cannot wait...we just told the girls today about The Round Table with Cinderella and they are so excited. thanks so much fo rsharing your story with me and I LOVE Make A Wish and I hope it was a dream come true for your daughter.

    I am now following your blog and look forward to getting to know you. I love your quote on your blog and more people in this world should live by that.....again Thanks...

    ~HUGS~ your new bloggy friend :)

  4. Michelle the LORD was with us for sure......I had just left the kitchen ;O) and the baby was in bed so he wasn't crawling around on the floor when it happened......praising ;o)