Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Veggie Patch is ready for some love!

Ready for some planting.

In our desire to be less dependent on commercial business for our food...we have been working hard to get a veggie patch going, Last year as a practise run, I planted 2 types of Tomatoes, Corn, Potatoes, radish, watermelon, pumpkin and capsicum......and the only thing that really thrived was the pumpkin LOL,

Since I still class myself as a beginner I'm trying to work out what will and will not thrive here.
I am learning as I go,

Firstly I've learnt that:
1.Pumpkins and watermelon need their own plot, they grow like crazy and will take over anything near them.
2.Tomatoes in the subtropics attract every darn fruit fly in the neighbourhood.
3.Queensland Veggie Growers have to combat not only Possums, bats, and all the usual creatures but also lovely bugs like these

4.every mould disease known to man thrives in the subtropics.
5.and not lastly, you either have to much water and your veggies are rotting or you don't have enough and everything is dying.

SO we are hatching a new plan.I'm planting the Pumpkins and watermelon in a separate plot on the otheside of the block. I am going to plant only the fruitfly resistant varieties of Tomatoes(they grow all year round in the tropics) I'm going to plant several beans, Zucchini,Squash,cucumbers both eating and pickling varieties, and I am going to add several varieties of potatoes, Garlic, Onions, and some unusual Carrot varieties that produce purple and yellow carrots. I am also going to pot plant some heritage varieties of some other veggies I am not sure will grow here.

I was planning on planting the first of these veggies today, but the heavens opened over night and we had over 6 inches of rain on a already water logged back I'll have to wait for a few days for it to settle and we will get started.
Noah with our little crop of Potatoes.

We also have 2 beautiful little treasures joining our family next week, 2 miniature Goats.....and we also have a few darling chicks joining us from a breeder locally who has offered me some of his beautiful 2 week old hens.

Its sure is starting to look like a barnyard around here.


  1. Hi Nicki, we find that corn grows well in our vege garden as well as the other things you mentioned and we have had good luck with lettuces too. Our radishes are growing really well right now but we haven't pulled them yet.

  2. I am so jealous. With all this snow I haven't been able to start anything with our garden. I guess I'll just sit here and admire yours. ;)

    Love the mini goats. They are adorable.