Monday, August 31, 2009

I need to tell you about an amazing Miracle

I have many miracles living in my House; they come in the form mostly of little boys and girls........
I want to share with you the joy my Son Jack brings in to my life every day.

Jack was born into a labour ward filled with Grief, His birthmother was heartbroken and refused to see or touch her son, His birth father felt the same way.....and together they decided that they couldn't parent this amazing little boy. Who I am I to judge them, they did what they felt was right for Jack and them and for that I can't thank them enough, I can't express to them how amazing that decision was for us his soon to be adoptive parents.

Jack came to us as a beautiful bouncing bundle of joy about 7 months later after spending an extended time in preadoptive fostercare due to his heart condition. Jack fitted in from the start, he was a Joy, a beautiful calm baby with a smile to die for......I would have to pinch myself sometimes and think "HOW is it that God has blessed me so?"

Jack is now 10 years old and I have to wonder where the time has gone, it seems like only yesterday that I took him from the preadoptive fostercare with tears of joy in my eyes........

So I have to say, how do you as a mother describe the joy a child has brought you when most of society only see's the disability that the child has?
How do you prove your Childs worth in this world when Doctors, Law makers and Politicians make and support laws that will one day make your Childs disability nonexistent?
How do you explain to people that Jack is Jack and that his disability is who made him who he is? Why is it so hard for people to understand the joy?
Why do we as a society put less value on people with disabilities?
Why do we think that God has made a mistake?
Because my God never makes mistakes....
Jack might have Down syndrome, but he is perfect in every way, He rocks my world, he has made me a better mother, a better human a better wife.He has shown me that Disability is about ability, the ability to change people, to show them that having a disability isn't the end of the world it’s the beginning of a new world.........
How do I look into a new grief stricken mother's eyes and show her a beautiful, and amazing future? When so many other people around her think that her life has ended because she has birthed this child with a disability.
How do I explain to her that yes, this might not look like whats he dreamed of as a future but with a heap of love, and the attitude that her child is perfect the way he or she is! that this can be a beautiful and amazing ride!
I so pray for a day when people learn that they are birthing a child that might have some issues that they greet that baby with Joy instead of Grief........I pray for that day when the words "my child has Down syndrome" are not met with "Oh gosh I am sorry" but sadly I think that Day will only happen when I leave this earth from my heavenly forever home......and that kinda makes me sad.


  1. What a beautiful post and a gorgeous boy!

  2. Just look at him. He's BEAUTIFUL.

  3. lovely lovely post.

    your boy is gorgeous.

  4. Nicki:

    Oh my...reading this just took my breath away....BEAUTIFUL!

    Jack is one lucky little boy to have a mommy like you. BTW Jack is so darn cute....